Emergency Procedure

If any emergency happens, check out the emergency procedure on this page or call our hotline at 8128 8988.

Step 1 - Stop your vehicle and get out

If you are involved in a car accident, stay calm. Stop your car and turn off your engine at once.
If no one was seriously injured, move your car to safe area (if you can).
If someone is hurt, avoid moving the injured person and vehicle involved. Call 999 and let the police handle it.

Step 2 - Turn on the hazard warning lights

Turn on the hazard warning lights to alert other drivers approaching from behind. If the accident takes place at night time, also turn on other lights if possible (e.g. turn on the headlamps)

Step 3 - Call 999 (if any one is injured)

Call 999 immediately. Report the following details clearly:

  • Exact location of the accident, number and general condition of casualties. Number and type of vehicles involved.
  •  Get uninjured people out of vehicles and move to a safe place.
  •  Do not move injured people unless there is immediate danger.
  •  Stay at the scene until police arrive.
  •  Even if there is no injury and damage caused by the accident, you are strongly recommended to report the case to the police within 24 hours after the accident.
Step 4 - Call 8128 8988 (24-hour Service Hotline)

Call our 24-hour Service Hotline: 8128 8988 for assistance. Use the free towing service to move your car from the scene of the accident to our Services Center. Our Centre will provide free preliminary evaluation and assist to handle motor insurance claim procedure.

Step 5 - Gather information

It is important to write down as much info as possible in the accident aftermath. Including:

  •  Driver and passenger names
  •  License plate numbers
  •  Insurance info
  •  Models of all vehicles involved
  •  Contact info for any eyewitnesses
  •  Location of the accident
  •  The name and badge number of any responding police officers
Step 6 - Document the scene

Take photos or videos of the scene by your smartphone or camera. They will come in handy during the claim process.

Step 7 - Notify your insurance company and submit the Motor Insurance Claim

Notify your insurance company. Complete the Motor Insurance Claim Form provided by your insurance company. Questions raised by the police or any other party regarding the accident should not be answered and should be referred to your Insurance Agent without delay.